Lynnwood Equestrian Center

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lynnwood Equestrian Center in Fort Mill, SC
Does your child love horses? Is your child too young for horse lessons? Would you like a fun and different way to throw a birthday party for your children? Please let me share with you what Lynnwood Equestrian Center has to offer.

We were there for one of our my daughter's friend's birthday party and loved the experience. 

They offer birthday parties for children ages 4 and up. The party last for two hours and they use 4-5 of their lesson horses and ponies and let the children ride for an hour. While the children are waiting to ride, sand pile with toys, a very friendly donkey and two mini horses that they can pet are available. The second hour is for eating, opening presents and cake. Feel free to bring a piñata.

The center does  all the decorating for the party, tablecloth, paper products, Dominos pizza and a drink. A banner with the child’s name and age on it, a special gift is given to the birthday children as they leave. The parent is responsible for the birthday cake and goodie bags, and any food that you may want to offer adult guests.

Parties are priced by how many children show up on the day of the party:
#5 is $165
#8 is $190
#10 is $225
#12 is $250
#15 is $275
#20 is $300

If two families want to do a combined party then there are additional costs.
The party times are 11:00 on Saturday mornings or at 3-4:00 on Sunday afternoons. Some Saturday afternoons are available, as well. In the event of rain, we do have large indoor barn aisles so the children can still get on the horses. They offer the parties all year long, as they have a very large party room in the barn for the cold or rainy weather. They have received “best place to have a birthday party” two years in a row!
♥ Enjoy!

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