DIY Toms like Shoes

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I do love Toms shoes, but sometimes they simply do not have the colors I need. My daughter is going to be Tinker Bell this Halloween, and I want her to have matching, but comfy, shoes, to go trick-or-treating. So after two weeks of browsing around for the perfect shoes, I bumped into a look-a-like natural pair of Toms shoes at Hobby Lobby.

Well, with my thinking skills was pretty simple, I already had Mod Podge at come, just grabbed a bottle of green extra fine glitter, and we are on our way to make our own shade of Tinker Bell Green Toms Shoes. :-)

First I brushed the shoes with Mod Podge, making sure the fabric soaked well. Also I did it by parts, so the glue wouldn't dry before the next step.

Second I poured the sparkles over the glue. And repeated again, all over the shoes.

Pretty simple huh?

♥ Enjoy!

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