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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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As I am writing it I have a feeling I might regret my choice, but I'll ignore it and write anyways. So please if you don't agree with me, choose kind words to demonstrate it. It's ok to have different opinions.
I am a Smart Car mom.

Last year my mother in law allowed me to poses her Smart Car. Yes I do mean to say poses. Let me explain: Chris and I were an one car couple for years. We drove each other to work, because we worked near each other. Than once we had Sophia and I didn't work for awhile, we coordinated our schedules and used a lot of communication, so the days I needed the car I would just drop him off at work and finish everything during the 8 hours I had before picking him up.

Once I took a job out of our comfort zone we needed another car. Initially was a temporary position, so we were not comfortable purchasing a new car, so kindly, Chris's mother allowed us to use her Smart Car. But later on we moved to Charlotte and the Smart came along with us. So that's explain why do I drive a Smart Car. 

Although is a tiny car, I do love it. I am not so sure if I would purchase it, strictly because I always weigh my options when investing in something trying to figure out how much return I'll have in the investment. But since I invested nothing (except in maintenance) in this car, well, you get the picture, right? 

First the tank has less than 10 gallons, so it takes me less than $30.00 dollars to fill it up. Second sometimes I can drive around 45 miles per gallon, and that's pretty amazing in my opinion. Third, I need to change the oil once a year only, sometimes can go even long than that. 

Overall I find an overly safe car, and yes I can die if I get in an accident, but I can die also driving in my Honda or any other car. It all goes with defensive driving applicable all the times here.

I get a lot of questions when people see me driving it. They vary, but the most common are: "what do I do with the stroller", "what if I need grocery shopping?" and "how much space do you have?".

Thinking of that I decided to post a few pictures of the smart here to share with you and show that I do have plenty of space and I do feel safe on a Smart Car. 

Now you see we have a Bugaboo Cameleon as a stroller for our child. And if you know what I am talking about, you know that's a big stroller and not the most compact to fold and store in a car. You can see in the pictures below that I can store the entire stroller with ease in the back of the car.

I also own a Rose bag from JoTotes, where I carry my camera gear. It's not a small bag, and it fits with the stroller comfortably. Not even being squished back there.

Sophia is going to be 3 years old in December. And she is about 3 feet tall, not being a small child at all. But we still keep her reverse seated, specially in the Smart Car, and we have the Britax Marathon Car seat. Again, not the most compact of the Car Seats in the market.

Now on to the groceries topic. It's all about planning. If I really need to go crazy on groceries, I tell Chris that I need his car and he takes the Smart to go to work. Since it never happens, I just put whatever I purchase under the Car Seat area or on the back on top of the stroller. 

Groceries. Shopping. Daughter. Friends. None of it was ever a problem with the Smart Car. It's not a family car. It's just the car I drive around, save a ton in fuel and can park anywhere. I still have space for my GPS and my iPhone to play some tunes while driving (a lot of "Let it Go" lately). I am a Proud Smart Car Mom and loving it.

♥ Enjoy!

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  1. This is fantastic! I drive a Smart and now I can tell people it would be possible with a small child, too. :)


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