Organizing a Patio or Small Balcony

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today is the sewing machine day! Although I am not a professional with the sewing machine, I can get my hands around one pretty well when I need it.

But today today's project won't need a sewing machine. 

Since we moved to Charlotte we had to adapt to a much smaller space than we were used to have in Chicago. Adding to that we have an almost 3 year old child with tons of toys and energy, so storage have been a problem to us.

Our apartment have a small storage closet on our patio area where we keep few bins with Christmas ornaments, Halloween and Easter Decorations, Golf clubs, and a few other things. But for the past year, all I saw every time I went there was this:

Pure Disaster, right?
After a bit of organization in the closet, I was able to fit the stroller in there.

Now with all the space to decorate I was wishing I could have some sitting area in the balcony. But with our little girl that's asking a bit too much. 

So my first step was to go to Lowes and grab an outdoor rug for about $80.00

 Sophia's wagon would not fit in the closet, so it serves now as the "blanket basket".

After organizing the storage area, I had 3 Sterilite Storage Drawers left, and I almost tossed them. I am so glad I kept, because I transformed them in a little bench area. 

I went to Lowes again, and bough some plywood (asked them to cut the same size as my boxes). Them following the steps of how to make an upholstered storage bench from the DIY Network I upholstered it with some foam and clearance fabric found at Joann Fabrics. Of course I had to add a crochet detail to it. So i made a cute pillow cover and of one of the squares, I crocheted a granny square.

Ta-da! Perfect spot for our kiddo hangout and play.

Anna Dusek Photography

♥ Enjoy!

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