How to Personalize your Header on Blogger

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Blogger offers your two ways to personalize your header. One is through it's own tools, and mainly you will have your a vary basic header, the other is uploading your own image. I'll show you both ways here today.

Using what Blogger has to offer:

My original template used to look like this. 

1) Go to "Template" then "Customize".

2) Go to "Advanced" then on the next tab click on "Blog Title" and select the font that pleases you best. You can also change the size and color in the same tab.

3) Here's the final product.

Using what your own image:

I was not happy not having a completely personalized header, so I designed my own using photoshop. To upload a picture as your header follow the next steps.

1) Go to "Layout" then click on "Edit" on the "(Header)" section.

2) On the pop up window click on "Choose File" and Select your desired file. Select "Instead of title and description" in the Placement section, to show only your new picture as the header.

3) You can preview your header, to make sure you selected the correct file. If is the correct image, click on save.

 4) Now you can check your blog, and you will have a completely personalized new header.

♥ Enjoy!

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