What to Pack in the Hospital Bag

Monday, August 11, 2014

When we were going to have Sophia I knew I had to have a bag with all the basics to stay at the hospital for at least a night. After a lot of research I came up with a very simple packing that made our lives a lot easier in and out of the hospital.

All our itens were able to fit in a Carry on case, and we didn't take our baby carrier inside the hospital with us (to be honest, we never own one, we always used the convertible car seat, ours, made by Recaro was perfect for a infant and we use it up to now and she is already 2.5 years old).

Carry On Spinner Suitcase by Jeep $39.00 at Walmart - always buy a spinner suitcase when talking about carry ons. Is always easy to balance, a lot easier to drag them around and I prefer the card cases over soft cases because they always look neat and organized. We are all overwhelmed when leaving the hospital with a new baby, no need to drag around all your items like a homeless person.

  • Maxi dress was my option as an outfit to leave the hospital. I knew I was going to be bloated still after the baby being born, and as I was breast-feeding I wanted easy access to the "feeding supply". You can find many styles out there.
  • Flipflops: I am Brazilian, so Havaianas flip-flops are a staple in our household. After delivering a baby is most likely your feet will get swollen a little bit, so we call for comfort and nothing says freedom to my fit like flip-flops.
  • Scarf: A beautiful and darker color, because I don't like the breast-feeding coverups, and I do look very stylish in scarves, so i used them as my coverups. Very discreet and nonchalant. 
  • Pajamas: I went for pants and a basic t-shirt. Some of you might not even need it, some of you might use it only the last night in the hospital. I had a lot of leakage after the delivery, so I kept using the hospital gown for quite awhile.
  • Makeup kit: Take the basics, you won't have time anyways, but you need to look a bit descent for your own sake. Take 5 minutes after your shower, while daddy is all over the baby, or the nurse is looking over your little angel, and take care of yourself. Don't feel guilty, look yourself in the mirror and say "I did it! I am awesome!"
  • Flipflops: did I say that flip-flops are a staple in our home? :-)
  • T-shirts: two white t-shirsts for daddy, one to sleep in as a pajama, the other as an undershirt for the next day.
  • Sweat Pants: to use as pajamas and lounge around with you and the baby.
  • Shirt: To wear when leaving the hospital.
  • Snacks for dad.
  • Headphones.
  • Water bottle: daddy needs to be hydrated too.

  • Outfits: 2 or 3 are plenty. I found a lot easier to keep Sophia in the hospital gowns they provided. Mainly in the were only the top onesies, so was easy to change her diapers in the first day. And we kept her swaddled all the time.
  • Hats: Mainly for the sake of photos, and for when your leave the hospital.
  • Mittens: always necessary. Is most likely your baby will come with nails a bit longer, and they scratch themselves very easily. Protecting their skin in this stage is easy with this little mittens. Keeping them in their hands is a battle though.
  • Blanket: So you can wrap them when leaving the hospital, or when in the hospital to have something a bit more personalized if you are too picky.
  • Camera: you will regret not taking pictures at the hospital.
  • iPad: daddy needs some distraction, believe me.
  • Baby Carrier: look for a ergonomic baby carrier like Beco or Ergobaby, or a wrap as Moby Wrap. They allow you to carry your baby right on the first day, and gives you a bit of flexibility to move around. Specially if you have an older child already.
  • Diaper Clutch: I swear by the practicity of this JJ Cole diaper clutch. You can find many models to me is that you don't need a entire diaper bag to drag around, you can have your wipes, diapers and plastic bags handy and not kill your back carrying baby and all your essentials.

♥ Enjoy!

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