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Monday, August 25, 2014

pregnancy fashionHello there!

Today is definitely a happy Monday to me. Weather is cooling down here in Charlotte, with a 75°F, a wonderful breeze coming through the windows and no air-conditioning running. It feels and smells as the beginning of the Fall season. To me, it's a perfect day.

On that note, I am sharing a few ideas for maternity fashion, I go back and forth on the ideas of having a second child. Although there are so many factors that don't depend on our intentions, is still good to dream about the possibility.

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01 - Fitted Denim Jacket: It goes a long way. My denim jacket was a pre-pregnancy one, and i don't think I will ever get rid of it. We can pair the jacket with several outfits giving a different look and also can define the waist. So gives the bump a perfect look, and does not make you look frumpy.

Source: Internet
02 - Black Dress: Go for a long dress. As the bump grows, is more likely that we start to waddle a bit, and a long black dress will camouflage that waddling and flatter your body.

Source: Internet
03 - Belly Band: I was a fan of the Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband, but there are several other brands in the market, and all price ranges. Having 2 or 3 is more than enough in my opinion, and it makes us stay in shape, as it allows us to wear our jeans throughout the pregnancy. To be very honest, I only bought maternity jeans for the last two months of my pregnancy, because my thighs would not fit my regular jeans any longer.

04 - Maternity Jeans: As I mentioned before, I only bought maternity jeans for my last two months of pregnancy, and I believe they are our best friends. Plus we can wear them in the fourth trimester (right after you deliver the baby) while your body is adjusting and getting back to it's old form.

05 - Cardigans: They are your best friends no mater what stage of your life you are at. As the Denim Jackets, they are versatile enough to pair with any outfit you have and give some flattering figure to your, now, growing body.
Source: Everyday Reading | Internet
06 - Tank Tops: Always my best friends. You can wear them alone, to bed, under that jacket, use and abuse them.

Source: Inspire me Baby
07 - Button up Shirts: You don't need to invest in the maternity ones. You can just buy your regular size. Use the one's you have in your closet already. Borrow from your boyfriend or husband. Wear them over the tank tops. Belt it up and you have a cute outfit on.

Source: The Samantha Show
08 - Belts: I have several belts. Many different colors and shapes. Many of them came from Goodwill (US 0.30 cents each!), others from Target, other drift shops and hand me downs. They are useful to define your waist and different ways. Sometimes I would just use one over my boyfriend's shirt so would look like a dress, or that black dress we talked before to give more definition to the bump. Just have fun with it.

Source: Internet
09 - Scarves: Start investing on them. It's a lot more useful than a breastfeeding cover up. It's also a nice accessory to have and comes handy in may situations. Need to protect your baby later from the sun? Use your scarf. Need a quick wrap? Scarf! Need a to hide that milk leakage coming out of your breasts? Scarf!

10 - Necklaces: Use what you have, make new ones, go visit Franchesca's for more. It gives any pregnant lady an put together flair and

♥ Enjoy!

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