Let Them Be Little

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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When I grew up I remember having always kids around me and lots of play. I would learn things naturally, without pressure. I am not sure when things started changing and we started requiring so much from our children at such young age. I see myself doing expecting much from my own daughter sometimes and ask myself why? She is only 2 years old, she is already bilingual, overly athletic, independent, kind, a true giver and I still ask for more.

Other day when I was talking to a dear friend and we were both sharing our experiences in the potty training field. Sophia is half way there, my friends soon is getting there also, but I could noticed that we both wish our kids were already swinging their "potty training pro medals" to the world.

Most of it is because we have this urge to compare ourselves to others everyday. With that sometimes we forget about our own learning curve, our virtues, qualities and how much we already accomplished. I guess the famous "my cup is half full or half empty" metaphor really applies to our daily routines.

Summer is almost over, school is almost starting, how much have you accomplished this summer? Did you enjoy it? Have you allow your little ones to be little? Have you allow yourself to be little also? We still have time, and we can accomplish a lot before summer ends and still change our lives, and learn to accept our kids to be just little. No high expectations. No college plans yet, just let them be little.

♥ Enjoy!

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