How to Organize Shoes in your Closet

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last week I showed you how I keep my boots in my closet. Today I'll show you how do I keep my shoes organized. 

I have several pairs of shoes, and my closet is not designed to keep them in there. Most of my shoes are high heeled and is difficult to maintain their shape if they are all pilled up on the floor.

My easy fix was to get shoe boxes at The Container Store (one of my favorite stores, by the way!) and have them on the top shelf, so I can see them as I am grabbing an outfit, instead of guessing what I have under my clothes in the floor. 

This way they are all organized, dust free, they will keep their shape and, because the boxes are clear, I can see them easily and use more often my shoes, and avoid unnecessary purchases, since I see them everyday.

What do you do to keep your shoes organized?

♥ Enjoy!

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