Discovery Place Science on the Rocks #SOTR

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC is having on the third Friday of each month, from 5-9pm a "Night at the Museum" style party for anyone over 21 years old to participate. 

Yesterday the party happened with all 90's tunes, and lots of people geared up themselves to the best 90's fashion (non)style possible. With costume contests and drinks being prepared on the most unusual ways, the entire night was filled with fun and laughter.

While many adults discovered their ways through the museum, with tables filled with puzzles, and the labs spread around the place, others were just enjoying the moment to chat with friends and appreciate the air-conditioning and a cold beer in a hot Friday night.

With interactive exhibitions, everyone could join scientists in their search for alien life within and beyond our solar system, discover strange alien like creatures found here on Earth, and learn about the technologies used to explore remote solar systems and extreme environments found on Earth. The Alien Worlds & Androids exhibition addresses the question that has fascinated man for centuries: "Are we alone?", and a fan like us couldn't help but take pictures with our favorite characters.

Many people were fascinated in the Explore More Life section. Where a one-of-a-kind environment allow visitors to engage in real-world life science. 

Who said being nerd isn't cool. The museum proved everyone wrong when the staff started making many drinks with Nitrogen. And to top everything, it's not everyday you have "Ace Ventura" making you drinks.

Convinced? Next month be prepared for a full night of fun at the Discovery Place. Share this post. Invite your friends. You will not regret.

Ohhh, and did I mentioned cash bar all over the museum?!?!

♥ Enjoy!

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