What are you reading on Book Lovers Day?

Friday, August 08, 2014

I feel blessed that I had a great group of teachers in my elementary school. One of them in special, Mrs. Gladys, made a huge impact in my life introducing literature in my routine. She made literature be fun, and I guess it was based on the fact that she would leave up to us to choose what book we wanted to read. She would simply bring all the books she could fit in a cart and thrown them in the floor, in the middle of the class room, and tell us to pick one. After a week with the book we would have to write an essay on what the book was about.

During 5th and 7th great, I remember finishing a book every other day. I loved how my mind traveled to different places and how many things I learned from the variety of literature available to me at the time. Tomorrow is Book Lovers Day, and I will spend the day finishing up the latest book I got "I am Malala".

The book is a fascinating narration of Malala, a Pakistani young girl, now 17 years old, who was shot by the Taliban, because she was a girl going to school. As the pages go by, my heart sinks learning how hard must be growing up in certain countries, and although growing up in Brazil had it's difficulties, I had it easy compared to many other girls.

I can't possibly imagine the idea of being illiterate or prohibited to read certain book, or even read at all. So for now, I feel glad I was given the opportunity to be born in a place where reading was encouraged and I was, and AM, able to learn so everyday through all the media available to me.

What have you read lately? Anything worth sharing? Please leave your comment!

♥ Enjoy!

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