How to Fix Cracked Rain Boots

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I was devastated when I took my boots out of the back of my car the other day. After going to the farm during the rain season, I left them in the car, and with the sun and heat, I assume, they got damaged.

My not so long ago, trendy black pair of wellies were ruined. But I have not intention on spending a ridiculous amount of money on another pair again (not that I paid much in the first place - God bless you DSW!). So I figure out my own way to fix them up.

First of all they are made of rubber, right? Having some ArmorAll Extreme Tire Shine from when I was treating my car tires the other day, I thought wouldn't hurt to give it a try. First I gave my boots a good scrub, and after they were dry I sprayed the product all over them and let it sit for about one hour. Then I just wiped of and it was done. Not as new, but way better than what they were.
Ingredients:- Liquid detergent
- Heavy duty scour pad
- Armor All Extreme Tire Shine

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