Faith in Humanity Restored: A town in Brazil places hanger on streets to help donate clothes during the winter

Monday, July 21, 2014

I know the winter is a bit far away from us and no one is thinking about it yet, neither want's to consider the possibility of summer ending.

Reading the Brazilian news today, barely a week after the world cup ending and all the tragedy going on around the world, I stumbled into an article that makes me believe there's still good in humanity.

A town in south Brazil, well known for it's cold winters, found a clever and effective way to donate warm cloths. The community is placing hangers on electricity poles allowing people to hang clothes to be offered to the ones in need of warmer outfits.

Notes saying "Grab one or leave your love (also known as warmer clothes here in this hanger)" or "If you need it, it's yours" are attached to the garments so people can identify and leave or grab something.

The idea is very neat, simple and a great way to get the community involved in a very discreet.

(Photos by Carol de Goes, via Folha de São Paulo)

♥ Enjoy!

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  1. Anna, que coisa mais linda! <3
    Fiquei até emocionada. Como algo tão simples pode fazer tanta diferença na vida de uma pessoa, né? E, dessa forma tão lúdica, dá até mais vontade de doar, né???


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