Working as a portuguese translator in USA

Monday, June 23, 2014

When I first moved to USA in 2007, I knew only a few words in English, I always say it jokingly that the only words I knew were "pizza", "hot-dog" and "hi", and in a raw way it is the plain truth. Most of the time, when I tell people my story I get reactions as "you are so brave" and people look at me even astonished, due to all my accomplishments in such short period of time.

Through all the years I have worked in USA, the most enjoyable times I still have is when I am working as a translator. I have a good feeling when I do it, is almost as if I am giving back some good. I did not have anyone to translate anything for me and was in some levels brutal to go through the first few months until I was able to start having conversations with people, what was very very superficial conversations during a long time. Overall I am very proud and I few good to have developed a talent to translate in fast speed and with great accuracy, always in an upbeat fashion.

Little things like finding my name mentioned in an article, even if is indirectly, just stating that I was the translator for a group, makes me feel a great pride in my heart. It always brings back the laughs and conversations I participated in and the amount of knowledge absorbed throughout the numerous translating sessions I participated on during all the past years.

Aside all the turmoil that translation brings to my brain towards the end of the day, I do stick in doing it more often than my schedule allows me to. And and cheerful cheers to all the people that helped my along the way and to the ones I helped out.


To read my name briefly mentioned in a article published at the American Councils blog, click here:

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