Preparing Salads in Wide Mouth Mason Jars

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I love eating salads. I dislike preparing them every time I want to eat. I have zero patience for being in the kitchen. It's not my zone in the house and my husband makes that very clear when he sees me around there. What I learn to like though is preparing my salads in advance.

Eating health snacks all week sometimes is pretty hard for me, specially having a toddler with so much energy and a husband that cooks the most delicious food ever, but never taking calorie intake in consideration. Awhile ago I heard someone saying you should always "eat a rainbow", meaning you should have a variety of colors in your plate to look for health.

So once I week I go to the grocery store and grab a few ingredients to make my weekly salads. Awhile ago I went to Walmart and purchased a case with 6 wide mouth mason jars and started making my salads so I could take them to work with me and not worry about spending much money going out for lunch most of the days.

I am fond of the wide mouth mason jars for my salads because I can eat out of them if I am too lazy to get one more dish dirty, or if I am running around and don't have much time for a full sit down lunch time.

What do you think? What are your salad ideas?


wide mouth mason jars
Easy Mason Jar Salads by Anna Dusek

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