The Best Time for HS Senior Pictures

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Most people question "when is the best time to get my High School Senior Portraits done"? I am a believer that any month is a good month to set up a photo session. It gives you time to review your pictures and be 100% positive they to portrait who you are in your yearbook.

The most important thing to keep in mind is: your portraits should always showcase YOU. I highly recommend you to ask yourself what are your passions (snowboarding, swimming, tennis, football, guitar playing, reading, fashion, click here for more tips on hobbies) and let it be about you. If you are your biggest passion is reading, why not set up a perfect session at the library, or at the park with your favorite book selection? It's all about you and anything can be turned into something interesting and a great prop for your pictures, as long as is well thought and planned.

Keep in mind that the month you choose to have your pictures taken is very important (you can't have a session having snowboarding as a theme in the month of July if you live in the middle of North Carolina), and each month has their own uniqueness and has a lot to offer.

Following you can check a quick guide to of what each season has to offer.

your guide to portraits throughout the year
A Portrait for Every Season
Your Guide to Portraits Throughout the Year

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