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Thursday, June 26, 2014

I am overly lazy to workout hard, but I try everyday my best to stay fit and get in better shape. Some days I truly know my best isn't really true, and here and there I convince myself that I am too busy with work, a toddler running around the house, a husband, cleaning, running errands, and I can go on, and on and on.

My best inspiration lately is a dear friend Camila Lakso, from Better for Life Project, we both moved to USA in the same exchange program in 2007 and kept our lives in touch thanks to the wonderful world of the internet. Our children are pretty much the same age, and she inspires me every time I see one of her posts come up.

Camila lost over 70 pounds and call herself a former food lover, although I still believe she does still love food like anyone else, she is just developing a way to enjoy food and keeping her silhouette in the best shape ever.

This poster is to you Camila, you inspire me and many others everyday and thank to you I believe I'm not the only one trying my best everyday.

free poster be your best 8x10

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