Starting fresh

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Starting fresh is becoming part of my regular routine. When young I remember my parents moving a few times from one city to another, and I always felt as I didn't belong to the city I grew up at. I don't mean it on a sad way, was just the way it was. No matter how I tried to see things, and signed up for different classes, made new friends, discovered new places, I just didn't belong there. Years past and I now realize that it wasn't be who belong to the city, it was just life preparing me to my future.

I just moved for my job from the suburbs of Chicago to Charlotte, North Carolina. Rented a small apartment and I'm counting the days to move my family, what is going to happen over Thanksgiving. It's going to be quite an adventure, but I'm more than prepared. It's being almost a month without seen my daughter and I am on the verge of feeling like the worst mom ever for doing that.

Overall I know I believe I'm making the best choice for our family. I just accepted a great offer from a big multinational corporation to work on their headquarters and it involves a lot of traveling and learning and hopefully an excellent future within the company.

One of the interesting things about moving to a completely new place is that we get to make new friends, test our habilities to adapt (and North Carolina already tested me with all the allergies combined to a whole new level), and the fun part of decorating a new space. Since we can't afford to buy everthing new, we are bring along some of our funiture from the midwest. What means that for two months I've been living in an empty apartment with a blow up mattress, a sleeping bad and the brand new sofa we just purchased.

With all the options of around is quite easy to get lost regarding what to choose and what we really want for our home. But I think we will be good. I'll try to keep track with our advances here and how the adaptation is going. There's always good to take from our experiences, and this time there's a lot of good coming around.

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