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Friday, March 01, 2013

The month of March started with a question popping in my head: "Will I ever get rid of my pregnancy fat?". Calling it fat is a nice way to say it. I'm not overly obese or anything, but I have that floppiness over my body now, something I never had before. Plus, I am a few double digits over my original 135 pounds, from right before pregnancy, and what's most important to me isn't the weight amount, but my closet. I promised myself and my husband, that I would not buy any article of clothing until I got rid of my weight, and with the exception of a few blouses, so i could hide my rolls, and a dress for a wedding I had to go last year, I did pretty good, but now I'm to the point of stretching. Literally. I stretched so far that my jeans are ripping as i'm wearing them, and although is pretty funny I guarantee that doesn't look pretty.

Being a believer of my own theory that if i buy clothes that fit me i'll feel comfortable and wont work as hard to get in shape, and getting upset with so many of my friends pinning workout ideas, and healthy food recipes, I'm making a pledge here: by my birthday I shall be able to fit in my black polkadot dress (no picture here) and be able to breath inside of such. Plus, I gotta be able to run at least 5 miles without feeling like I'm about to die.

Deal? Who is with me?

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