a way to say i love you...

Monday, March 18, 2013

There are days where I have no idea where my mind is. I completely forgot to press publish when I finished this post and was on draft for quite awhile. So since I'm kinda lazy to post something today anyways, here goes the perfect post.

Awhile ago hubby made this mug with our daughter's pictures and sent me as a gift. Crazy for coffee and tea as I am, couldn't be the perfect nicknack to give me. Sometimes I think that I have the best partner in the world (at least the best match for me!). And showing through random gifts like this one is way more than saying I love you.

Around the same time, MIL sent me a new crochet book with such cute patterns that I can't wait to start. Talking about the crochet patterns, have you seen my shop yet? I try to always put something new and cute there, usually I focus on my crochet creations, but often you can find articles made of tulle, fabric, and other cute gifts.

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