Mason Jar Dispenser

Sunday, February 17, 2013

So I was tired if my ugly soap dispensers, and the amount of lotion containers around my bathroom counter. It can get really messy, and the uneven look makes it look like it's so not organized, what drives me, kinda, crazy some times. I am a big sucker for mason jars, and having some around the house collecting dust, I decide to adventure on my own Mason Jar Dispenser. I wasn't quite sure how to make it, so after a few trials, I got to a simple recipe, that requires only the mason jar itself with a lid, a old pump dispenser, a drill (just because I'm extremely weak) and glue gun.

You have only four steps to follow:

a) You will make a hole on the lid with the drill, I had to make two so would be wider, but if you have an wider tip for your drill, one would be fine. 
b) You put the pump from your old dispenser through the hole you just made. The hole I made was a bit too small, so I just forced the pump through it and the fit was pretty tight, since the lid is kinda flexible once the hole is made.
c) With the glue gun, seal the bottom part to not let it move around.
d) Enjoy!

I put the pictures below to show how easy it was:

Of course I didn't like the lid I had, so I had to paint it, so it would look a bit nicer. I would highly recommend you to paint the lid before starting your project. As you can see on the jar that has the purple hand soap it doesn't look so neat if you paint it with the pump already there. My second one look a lot better.
And I didn't like the white in my bathroom also, so I switched later for chalkboard paint, so I could write on the lid or just because I had no real black paint, and didn't see the need to go out to buy some only for the lid.

Hope you enjoy it!!!!!

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