How to survive without a diaper bag

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A oversized super cute bag that fits your style. There's nothing I liked less than a diaper bag. I'm not the most fashionable person in the world, even from my group of friends, but I like to look pretty, and I always promised myself that I would not let my pregnancy or the fact I became a mom to be all "mommy" when came to my style. And when I watched the movie "crazy stupid love", when Ryan Gosling tells Steve Carell "Your wife cheated on you because you lost sight of who you are as a man, as a husband and probably as a lover." Although I am not a man, you got the point, right? So at least I wouldn't be dragging around a diaper bag to ruin my style. Besides that, how long will you usually stay out to need an entire pack of diapers, wipes and 3 or more outfits (just in case!)? If we went out for dinner, and in 3 hours Sophia went trough five diapers, I would assume that something was disturbingly wrong with her. 

So I had a Coach bag from a long time ago that have been serving the purpose perfectly. It is spacious, classic and has pockets for what i need, also has snaps on each side to make it a bit more roomy in case I run into an emergency and have to carry a few extra items.

To not look too messy, I used an Coach clutch, that I got as a gift a few Christmas ago from one of my dearest friends, to keep my personal belongings organized. Things like my wallet, my convenience store cards, coupons, pen, makeup essentials, and some other girly thing I could come up with. I did that so in case I want to go out of the door, without the my full sized bag, I could just grab my clutch and be out in seconds, no worrying if I had everything with me, and searching through the entire house.

1. Wallet; 2. Business Cards; 3. Store Membership Cards; 4. Inhaler; 5. Pen; 6. Mints; 7. Moisturizer; 8. Floss; 9. Hair brush; 10. Zippo; 11. Pepper Spray; 12. Paper Tissue.

Additionally got at a Portable Changing kit, that I keep in my bag, so I keep all the diapers, wipes, rash cream, and trash bags on the go, and if husband needs to change her while we are out, all he needs is in there. I bought my at TJMaxx for close to nothing, but you can also make your own here is a pretty easy pattern for you. 

1. Diapers; 2. Wipes; 3. Changing Mat; 4. Trash Bags; 5. Rash Cream; 6. Bib

Just because I can't help myself, i always have with me my makeup case, just a few items to retouch. This case is from Coach and I found for a stealing price at a consignation shop, I couldn't even believe that was there. It looks more like a pencil case, than a makeup case, but works great for me, because it forces me to keep it simple.

1. Tinted Moisturizer; 2. Mascara; 3. Lipstick; 4. Eye Shadow; 5. Eyeliner; 6. ChapStick; 7. Lanolin Cream (everything here is travel sized) 
In my Coach bag fits: the clutch, travel diapering kit, make up case, a bottle, a travel formula bin, my cellphone, a snack (just a container full of cheerios to keep my baby busy for awhile), a charger, some more lotion and earplugs (the red circles in a plastic box), in case we go somewhere a bit louder so she can be protected. :-)

Now in the car we always keep a small backpack. So if dad wants to take baby out, he doesn't need to stroll my purse around, or if we run out of diapers, or need an extra outfit for baby we can go there and grab it. Accidents happen, but not every day, if they are happening everyday, something is being done wrong. 

Here is another bag I use around a lot, just to change a bit, but this one here is a bit smaller, so I can't carry my clutch in it, so I just throw my wallet in there, and so be it.

You can find this crochet bag to buy here
I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful. And take my word, you don't need to spend in a diaper bag, as cute as it looks (I never find them cute!). You won't use as much as you are paying for, so this way you make life a lot easier (meaning: cheaper) for you and your family. It can as well be a great excuse to get that so wished cute oversized bag you were looking for awhile but couldn't justify the cost. Now you can: a gift to you, and a diaper bag for the baby. :-)

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