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Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 started awesome to us. We had our daughter's first birthday party happening right at the beginning of the month, even though was almost a month after her birthday, and it was a total success. We had it small, around 50 people only, but invited the people that really participated in our lives during her first year. We went with "Winter ONEderland" (clever huh?!) theme, and choosing light pink, light blue and white as the color scheme, made everything easy to buy and set up.

Unfortunately we were so busy with our family, friends and, off course, Sophia, that we totally forgot to take pictures, but we had some to use that can give an idea of how the party was.

We couldn't leave some of our brazilian treats aside the party, so I made brigadeiros, pudding and beijinhos. We had an amazing cake made by Sugar Hills Bakery and the cake pops came from there as well. Chris rocked a super chili and we served eggnogs and pop to everyone else. 

Thanks to our brazilian friends we got the chance to sing Happy Birthday in both languages and it meant a lot to us, since we are a multicultural family.

Sophia got to play with her friends and show off her dancing skills.

And towards the end she was opening her presents with dad, so mom could mingle with guests and do a little clean up. 

As if was ordered, right at the time when the party was about to start, we had snow falling outside, and we had deer and bunnies running almost in front of the pavilion where the party was set. We couldn't ask for more Wonderland than that. :-)

We thank to all our friends that made this day so special, and we thank to God to every little surprise He made possible this past year. Seen our little one growing up, being able to watch every new accomplishment - going from the first time she officially skilled, when she was able to lift her body with her arms, her first roll over, the first time she was could sit up by herself, her first few words, when she stood up by herself, first fall, first tooth, ... -, each one meant something, gave us joy, made us feel proud of her, of us, of our little family, for being together, between ups and downs, struggling here and there, and loving each other even more for going through with all of it and expecting more and more from the next years.

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