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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So last friday I woke up feeling a bit down. My green card renewal didn't get approved yet, what made impossible to travel to Brazil to see my brother's weeding. Knowing that, hubby decided to cheer me up sending flowers in the afternoon (with the nice touch of including tulips, my faves!!). 

I'm not gonna lie here, there are days that I totally complain, in my head, about lack of romance in the relationship, wishing a bit more this of a bit more of that, but the truth is that i have nothing to complain about. Display of affection gotta come in the right amount, so doesn't become routine or isn't only in obvious occasions. I don't think I ever got flowers on my birthday or on Valentine's Day, and doesn't bother me that much (can't say I like to not receive either, right?), but hubby always find a way to surprise me. 

The flowers didn't make me forget about brother's wedding, but reminded me how much I'm loved here, and how things can change easily. Although I wasn't there for his wedding, it doesn't mean I don't love him or wasn't thinking about him, and even less that we won't be able to celebrate such a special date in other ways. Soon we will be together, and we will share other experiences and love will always be there.


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