Lumberjack, lumberanna and Toad

Sunday, November 25, 2012

We have a tradition, period. Since we got together, Chris and I go to Richardson's Christmas Tree farm and cut down our own Christmas tree. I can't say that I'm 100% proud of it, but we like the smell of a natural Christmas tree inside of our home, and the "adventure"of hunting down THE Perfect Christmas tree. It's our little thing. Tough. Just deal with it. And there we went for the first time with our little one. 

Since I got back from my trip to Minnesota, I am all about getting back in shape and back to my own wardrobe, for awhile I was letting the mom style get into me, and I would say that I looked as someone who was giving up. So I shopped through my closet and refund really pretty forgotten items. So today was as any other new day, and I had to have a outfit to go on our tree hunt.

After a 5 minutes search, I came up with a LumberAnna outfit (it's ok to laugh), inspired by what Chris was wearing. Unfortunately was freaking cold today (27oF) and we couldn't put our little one in any matching style, so we had to dress her up into her new snowsuit. So after looking at her for awhile we couldn't help but admit that she looked like Toad from Super Mario, LoL!!!

Usually takes us awhile to find our tree, but this year we bit the record, in less than 10 minutes we knew what we wanted and we had the winner ready to be wrapped up in put on top of our car. 

And the rest of the day was all about decorating the house for Christmas. Pictures to come later, and can be seen here. Ohhh, how thankful we are for Christmas. :-)

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