Memorial Day

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Every single year the Memorial Day Parade pass by our house. So this year I got all excited and ready to take my little girl to watch her first parade. Stroller ready. Extra diapers. Water, because was a extremely hot day. And there we go. As we are walking towards the main street, something isn't right. Is just too quiet. And for our surprise, there was no parade. Now the question is in the air. Was it cancelled? Did they go in any other direction and we missed? Or was a microscopic parade that started and was done in less than 30 minutes? Anyhow, the fact is that we didn't see it and we had to be happy just having a fun breakfast at Einstein Bros and heading to aunt Nicole's home for a super-duper BBQ. Thank you Nicole and Mark for having us over and making such delicious food.

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