Let the Horse Races season begin

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Going to the Horse Track for the first time
We went to the horse track today and was pretty fun. Not big winnings but we kept it even (well, pretty much). And little S. was a nice as she could be. Looking cute, smiling and having fun. Can't wait for her to start knowing what things are and looking for horses and the other things around her.

And as tradition, we were ate the place where everything started and is kinda nice to have this thing that we do together, and even nicer to be able to take our daughter with us. Sometimes I think about other relationships and the places where they met, and I feel very happy that our us one that we will be always sharing and having was our special day. I doubt that the horse track is going to be gone soon, so we will have a few good years in front of us to enjoy it.

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