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Thursday, May 03, 2012

I'm in love with so many dresses right now, that is helping me losing my weight. The dress below I found at ModCloth.com and is called Singing the Blooms. I'm thinking about making it but not quite sure if I'm ready for the challenge. The only reason I would like to make it myself is because this dress would be too short for me and specially now that I am a mom, I don't find it so appropriate to wear such short dresses around town.

Singing the Blooms Dress

Now to say the truth all this dress fever started because my mother in law took me to a boutique store another day and made me try a dress so it would be my birthday present. The dress was gorgeous, and I was about to say yes when I checked the price tag and I just couldn't say yes anymore. So I got home and searched for the name of the designer and after finding out whom is Eva Franco it made me understand why the brand was so expensive. 

Eva Franco dresses are being worn by actresses like Lea Michele and Zooey Deschanel, and since the Mod Trend is so in right now it explains a lot why a brand would go for such a price. The dresses aren't ridicoulsly expensive, but paying for each one a range between $300-$400 it makes a good hit on any mom's bank account.

Here are some of the designs I am flirting with. The black and white colors are my favorite, I can just wear different colors of cardigans over it and different shoes, and it's almost like a different outfit everytime. And I can't deny it, the MadMen style is all over it.

Eva Franco Dresses
The colored dresses are so cute too. I tried all of this at the store, but none of them were under $300 dollars, so I had to pass on that, even with my mother in law insisting that they looked adorable on me and it was my birthday gift.

Eva Franco Dresses

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