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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crochet Hooks, Hooks, Case and Measurement Tape

I'm in love with my crochet hooks. I learned to crochet while pregnant with baby S and got addicted to it. Living nearby a good library helps a lot too. Every week I would browse for new books and magazines teaching techniques and stare at YouTube videos, absorbing every movement on the tutorials offered.

It's fun to see the progress. In the beginning I could barely make a hat, and now I'm adventuring my own patterns and having fun mixing and
matching others. It's exciting to see my projects done and getting compliments on them. It always give me a smile. Although I need to work on patterns that I can wear more often, I so have a pleasure giving others as gifts and selling them here and there. I just wish I could sell more, but this is an ongoing project that might work in the future. Let's see...

For now, is more for fun and distress. And I think people should find more ways to release their stress. I've been in a position in the past where I would build up and had no way of discharging all the bad energy and after a big hit I leaned, the hard way, how important this things are. Going for a walk, singing out loud, reading a book (this one is still a little hard for me, because I have to concentrate more), listening to music, watching a movie, going out to dance or crocheting. Now I do know that people need their own time to mature some feelings and sharing them make us grow as a person and deepen the relationships. I'm thankful for all my ups and downs that made me more comprehensive today.

No one can say that I give up easily on things. So I guess I compare life with crocheting. Is a work in progress, never to perfection, but seeking it. Seeking that new color combination, the new stitch to use on the must-have piece or the same old pattern that you know by heart how to do. Is up to you to keep up, or just put everything in a drawer and say that you don't care about it anymore when actually you are the one afraid of not being able to try.


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