And I'm back

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After a while away from the blog because of baby S. being born and all the adaptations from motherhood, I'm back! Hopefully this time to stay. I revamped my page (isn't quite where I want yet, but I'm pretty happy with the results). Is hard to find the right layout, and I hope that my sister-in-law won't get mad at me, since I used a template from the same designer that worked on her blog. I wanted a two column blog for a long time, but never liked the cheesy templates out there. I'm not goth or a fan of any superstar or superhero, to have them stamped all over my page. I, particularly, find it a bit of being a stalker, but only a few would agree. The clean lines where always my appeal, but is there anything that I can use and won't look like the Apple webpage? So I sucked up and, not being great at web design, I went for a clean, not so girly/girly enough type of look. And if I get tired of it, it can a.ways be changed, right?
Something else that is going on is that I'm in the process of losing my pregnancy pounds (15 more to go!!!). I can tell you right now: it is freaking hard! I was never a workout type person, only lucky to have a good metabolism that kept me trim but not fit. While pregnant, as mentioned before, I had so many problems with acid reflux that I could barely eat and was always afraid that my daughter would develop some problem from my food deprivation. Hence I gained 43 pounds while pregnant. I didn't look fat, but still, I couldn't and wouldn't diet because I was already having trouble eating, and I was too tiered and busy to work out by that point. So baby S. was born though c-section, recovery was slower that I was expecting, I put my iud on two months after she was born and my doctor recommended not to work out for a month to make sure nothing would go wrong and I was successful at breastfeeding. Yes, right. The myth of "breastfeeding will hep you to burn calories" is really a myth. Breastfeeding means no giving up carbs (the difference on amount I'd milk when I eat carbs is ridiculous), not dieting and not being able to exercise that much because I have no time. I won't say that isn't happening, but everything has to be well planed and isn't as easy as I dreamed about. But on the bright side, I'm getting there.
Overall I'm working on getting life organized again. Now my baby is somewhat on a routine, I'm working from home and trying to meet my goals and be financially independent, as no matter how any times my boyfriend tells me not to worry about money, I feel like a child asking dad for money when I take any from him. I promised myself that I would never let anyone else raise my children and I'll do whatever takes to accomplish it. My Etsy store is up and running. My photography business is slowly moving. And I do still teach Portuguese and ESL. Small things that help and allow me to stay home with my family.
I can definitely say that life has been good to me, so far I'm not having to deal with any major problems and adjusting to motherhood isn't as hard when your man cooks for you everyday without a peep, and even takes care of the mess in the kitchen afterwards. So I guess I'm a blessed woman. and with faith I can go even further and maybe not make all my dreams come true but a few of them can fall into place.

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