Our little house

Monday, August 29, 2011

We live in a nice area in the suburbs of Chicago, but our house is considered tiny compared to the other houses in our neighborhood. When we moved here, the entire house was completely painted in white and there was no character what so ever to it, and was quite depressing, to say the truth. So last year we started to decorate the entire place and, although I don't have the before pictures to show the difference, we can say that we accomplished a very pleasant job. Now we have a fun, colorful house, but not so colorful that resembles a carnival. We had two bedrooms in this house, plus an office, and the second bedroom isn't listed here yet, as I said before, we are expecting a little girl, so now I'm working in her little room.
We have a few more details that we still have to add to the house - like in the master bedroom we need something to decorate the huge wall by the headboard - but we are doing good for now, and as everybody know we all have a budget to work with.

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