Maternity wardrobe

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I would never buy a dress that hugged my body so much as this dress from Motherhood. I looked the entire store and this was the only item that really caught my attention. It's perfect, simple and screams sexy. What else could I ask? The price of course: US$ 29.99 plus taxes. Perfect. I can add pretty accessories and wear through my entire pregnancy. Now that's summer it's a sexy summer dress, and over the winter I can add my boots, a cute scarf, cardigan and it will be perfect.

That said, today I'm starting a challenge. Remember when I said that having a functional wardrobe while being pregnant is pretty hard? Special when you don't have all the money to spend on clothes that you are going to wear for less than nine months. So I'm going to be posting 30 outfits (I put 30 as my minimum, if I can keep going for more it's going to be perfect). I'm work part time as a teacher and photographer, so I need to have some professional look outfits and at the same time I have a very eclectic taste. So let's see what's going to come out of it.

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