Lazy day

Friday, August 26, 2011

As I said before, not everyday is a day to dress up. Today is Saturday and we have no plans to get out of the house, unless is extremely necessary. I have a long day of studying in front of me, and my boyfriend is exausted from this past week of work. So lazy day it is for us. Although we have no plans, it doesn't mean that I will be in my pajamas, I never know if someone might show up or if I need to chase my dog along the street in one of his occasional runs. So for a hot end of summer this my outfit for today.

Ps.: Please don't judge our backyard. I know our grass isn't real grass anymore, but with so much on our plate we had no time to dedicate to our garden. :-)
  • Top: Urban Behavior from three years ago definetely pre-pregnacy.

  • Shorts: Gap Maternity

  • Flats: Old-Navy

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