Being pregnant

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Being pregnant isn't easy. There's a lot going on with my body, and trust  me when I say a lot going on. For the first two months my entire metabolism changed in a way that I never thought it would be possible. First I started putting weight like I was eating ten meals a day, when to say the truth I was eating pretty much nothing, because I wouldn't have the urge of eating at all. Second my wardrobe had to change, a reflection of all the weight I was gaining, and let's say, it's very frustrating when you see yourself not fitting in your clothes, but you don't look pregnant yet, although you know you are, and at the same time you have not much money to spend in all new clothes to go through for the next nine months (hoping that I'll get back to my regular size after the baby is born). Then for last but not least, all the pain that you feel while pregnant. People used to tell me and I read so many books and magazines where the other moms-to-be would say that it was the most amazing experience that they went through. Some would go to the edge of saying that they miss their pregnant months. In my head all what I could think of was: HOW? It's painful. I remember myself two weeks ago crying because I was feeling cramps allover my uterus, and was so bad, and with no stop for three, almost four days, that I thought I was about to lose my baby. And don't let me start on heartburn. I never had it, in my entire life, suddenly I have a dragon inside of my stomach and it goes firing up for days without stop.

Oh well, not all is torture. Now that my belly is showing, I do feel sexy (what's kinda weird, a sexy pregnant?). And I really don't understand why some women once they become pregnant they simply turn themselves into sweat pants, and gym cloths. I do understand everything about the budget (hello!!! I lost my job one month before I got pregnant) and sometimes is really hard to feel fashion. But thinking that most of pregnant women around have someone that love them, is  our job to be cute. I'm not saying 24/7, because it's impossible at least for me, but we can put a little effort to show other people that we can take care of ourselves, your loved ones, our house and the little life that we are caring inside of us. We don't need to be housewives, but we do need to show that we can.

I decided to start this blog so I can share my pregnancy, my life, my ups and downs, and all that can come up from now on. It doesn't mean that you need to like or you need to love. Read if you wish and feel free to comment and tell me what you think, just remember that each one of us have a different opinion and I'm not here to convince you of anything. I'm here to share what I think.


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